The next time someone says “Surprise me”, when you pose the question, “Which restaurant should we eat in KL today?”, show them this list of top unique restaurants in KL.

Food is one of the best experiences one can have, simply because regardless of one’s age, gender or nationality, meals are a necessity, and a unique dining experience in KL can no doubt enrich one’s life and make your meal, evening and even life all the better.

Look no further to find out our top favourite places to eat in KL, featuring restaurants with dishes that leave us drooling on the tablecloth, venues that deliver a level of service usually reserved for Michelin-star restaurants and unique restaurants as distinctive as Kuala Lumpur itself.

Here are our top favourite restaurants in KL:

1. Opium KL
An outlet exuding the allure of 1920s Shanghainese era. This restaurant and bar will impress you with its unique cocktails and Asian fusion dishes.

2. Dining In The Dark KL
A restaurant in total darkness. A completely new sensory experience where every sound, every movement, every taste and every breath is an adventure.

3. El Cerdo KL
A pioneer and specialist in authentic European pork dishes. El Cerdo aims to excite and stimulate the palette of food connoisseurs.

4. Cielo KL
The city’s first seafood and steak rooftop restaurant and lounge boasting a panoramic view of KL’s city skyline.

5. The Whisky Bar KL
Presents 912 labels of whiskies from around the world, from the rarest single malts, exquisite blends to all-time favourites.

6. The Steakhouse KL
A rustic steakhouse ambience that serves traditional Argentinian-styled premium charcoal-grilled steaks. Perfect to pair with a huge variety of wine.